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Stai Bene, Vivi Meglio® (SBVM®): do good and spread the love

We like to choose worthy causes to create a functional system and apply the principle of subsidiarity: we work with patients suffering from various conditions who require simple actions to improve the quality of their lives. This is applicable also to the environment – a building constructed on quicksand – which calls for information and education to raise awareness on the consumption of resources, the re-use and recycling of objects and materials. We work with professionals with years of experience, engaged in fundraising initiatives and in promoting “major causes” in public opinion.

VoxCompany Proprietary Projects

Sorriso degli Ultimi

Sorriso degli Ultimi (Smile of the Hindmost) is one of the world’s largest projects concerning prevention, research, and evaluation of dental health among low income families in multi-ethnic societies. The aim is to create the documentary basis needed to plan high quality/cost ratio targeted actions, offering viable solutions wherever practical, in order to manage problems in which prevention is shared benefit. The project will terminate with the creation of one of the world’s largest dental health databases, which will be of critical importance in order to examine tens of multidisciplinary studies and to provide those on the lower rungs of the income ladder with the inalienable right to smile.