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Web strategies

From goals to KPIs

The new digital era obliges organizations to create an integrated web presence and produce content that can be viewed across multiple platforms, optimizing collected data. A clear strategy identifies the channels to pursue and defines actions in line with the organization’s goals and reference targets. The biggest opportunity offered by the web is related to the flexibility and speed with which results can be monitored, making it possible to optimize available resources. All the web services we propose (sites; social media management, web engagement, e-content, digital PR, bloggers, data management) are assessed in terms of opportunities, choosing technical partners by areas of competence and in accordance with cost-effectiveness criteria.

Media Relations

It takes more than a press of a button to obtain press reviews!

At a time when information travels at breakneck speed through new channels, touching on new professional roles, news media must be addressed in a diversified manner in order to make a difference. The tools range from conventional means to the most innovative solutions including @skype events and live-streamed press conferences.

Understanding media means:

  • Analyzing the reference context with special attention to the awareness and sentiment of journalists specialized in the area and/or topic (e.g. health, economy, current events, lifestyle, etc.);
  • understanding how the competition is reacting;
  • identifying the map of the media to deploy;
  • using suitable languages for journalists and the target audience;
  • understanding the evolution of publishing policies and intercepting the most suitable times to disclose information;
  • identifying which actions to implement on the basis of the defined need, and also the scope of the news to be published;
  • defining the parameters to evaluate and maximizing the impact of results.

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