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Stai Bene, Vivi Meglio® (SBVM®): tasty and wholesome food for health

The Italian Mediterranean Diet is a lever that can boost domestic consumption while also representing an important part of Italian exports. The Mediterranean diet is the ideal starting point for healthy living, and when it’s combined with innovative techniques (addition of prebiotics and/or alternative uses of ingredients) it becomes a powerful ally in the path of optimal wellness. Understanding the trends of the Italian and international health services and our own health context helps us breathe new life into Mediterranean Diet products and recommend them to people in all countries.

VoxCompany Proprietary Projects


We start from Hong Kong. For several reasons. As the Far East’s primary commercial and financial hub, Hong Kong provides the perfect trading platform to promote Italian made products in the area and in adjacent markets. SMART ITING® platform develops business contacts between Italian firms and local operators: buyers from the mass retail channel, restaurants, international luxury hotels, and stores selling gourmet and organic foods. The contacts form the basis for initiatives of operator training, product testing, teasing, B2B and B2C communication right through to follow-up at the shelf. The absolute beneficiaries of this process are food that is wholesome and healthy and the people who produce it.

Bio-Benessere in Farmacia

From the field to the shelf of the pharmacy: products and recipes ‘with an edge’ entering in the set composed for specific needs. Involvement of doctors & specialists, training pharmacist and disclosure complement the business model of the project. The innovative features lie in the direction of individual actors; the result, a ‘smart product’ born by experience and work in a historically Italian place dedicated to the welfare of citizens. For the happiness of consumers also increasingly attentive to environmental health.


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