Health & Wellness

Stai bene, vivi meglio® (SBVM®): a promise delivered

Health is a central theme in our lives. Until just a few years ago “health” simply meant “absence of disease”, but today our understanding has progressed. Diet, technology, environment, and the social sphere are just some of the areas attracting the investment of resources for actions that place personal wellness front and centre. The world of health and healthcare is highly articulated, calling for skills to manage the dynamics existing among the various stakeholders. It’s important to be familiar with the legislation governing the context and to act while taking account of the system’s complexity. We have many years’ experience in the sectors of pharmaceuticals (products: fair trade (RX), OTC, medical devices, food supplements) and wellness (technology to serve personal wellness, products sold through the pharmacies channel, …). The case histories of the more than 100 projects we have completed to date are available for consultation.

VoxCompany Proprietary Projects

An information portal promoting the importance of flu shots. On-line experts, the latest information, comments on cases recorded in terms of healthcare. Project supported by companies in the sector under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Health

BPCOsocial Facebook Page

Meeting place for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease related topics for patients, family members and representatives from the scientific community. Continuous interaction with all parties needing to know more about the aspects of the disease, ranging from treatment to quality of life improvement recommendations. We are supported in this initiative by pulmonology and allergology specialists. Currently, ours is the BPCO page with the most followers


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