How we operate

“X” new lifeblood to drive market innovation

We link 4 thematic areas – health, food&environment, luxury, and non-profit – within the health for better living project “Stai bene, vivi meglio” (SBVM®) with the aim of extending opportunities for contact with users of products and services, intercepted in all areas of their physical and virtual lives. A tangible example: correct diet from the moment of conception contributes to lifelong good health; informed adults manage natural resources and act in a way that ensures they remain available for use by all.
Our operating strategy in the health, food&environment, luxury, and non-profit sectors is based on the continuous exchange of information and experiences in order to develop highly innovative and unique projects: this means that our client organizations are vaulted into the position of first-movers on markets that have often reached a state of maturity. Analysis of constantly evolving lifestyles leads us to new questions that can be answered with ideas and investments to turn them into projects that can be placed on the market: that’s the background to the creation of our proprietary design initiatives Progetti Proprietari di VoxCompany.


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