Our mission

Sustainable innovation

We made a choice: create design capabilities for organizations whose focus is the health of people and the environment in which they live. We’re proud to be able to offer eco-sustainable innovation to organizations seeking to make a difference (How we operate). This is the background to SBVM®, Stai bene, vivi meglio® – be healthy for better living – a concept that combines attention to health, a wholesome diet, indulgent accessories and good works.

Contamination areas

The professionals operating as VoxCompany partners all have at least 10 years’ experience in the health, food&environment, luxury and non-profit sectors.

Getting serious about health!

Health, the central theme for people and society in all its aspects. A complex world that calls for familiarity with the mechanisms and attention paid to ethical themes. We focus on prevention, care, a changing society with emerging needs and demands, sustainability of the health service, the need of organizations to balance their attention to their customary stakeholders while remaining open to the requirements of the new.

Technology with spirit

Leotech is a newco in the field of digital communications and business construction, from the online presentation to the internationalization process. The company collects experiences lasting more than ten years that make it possible to offer client organizations a fresh vantage point for the development of their markets, supported by infrastructure designed to be open to expansion.

The etiquette of PR

Research of points of distinction and attention to detail to emphasize uniqueness and brand value. The “beauty of quality”, also in a niche segment, destined to become an integral part of daily life. The pleasure of choosing, knowing and wearing the world that surrounds us. All this is combined with the unmitigated passion for Italian-made solutions that produces major and hence highly stimulating challenges.

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